Savvy Turtle and I are beyond therapy! He trying to get me to convert so I’m blowing up his fridge! No more mozzerellas or chedders for Savvy!!! “No Cheese Gang Represent!!!”

Verse 1:

I don’t understand these cats
I hate these cheese eating fools as a matter of fact
I planning to snap
You bring it I’ma have to react
You can eat your stank cheese while I stand in the back
Don’t come close
It’s no cheese gang till I’m old
You treating it like some gold, all I see is the mold
I’m on the toes for those who have exposed they tongues
To the flavor of some old sweaty toes

I close my nose I ain’t even tryna smell it
They overzealous for cheddar and mozzarellas
I’m not jealous I don’t know what else to tell em
If I inhale it you’ll turn me into a felon
Murders, I will exterminate you on purpose
For serving cheese to me thinking that I’m unobservant
It’s gone be tears shed, funerals, sermons
You just like rats I eliminate vermin


It’s gun smoke for these cheese eaters
They can choose the strap or the meat cleaver
I ain’t playing and you probably should be neither
Leave you leaking face down under these sneakers

It’s gun smoke for these cheese lovers
Acting like a friend till I uncovered
You were eating cheese thought I was ya damn brother
Guess you gotta go too cause I can’t trust ya

Verse 2:

The doctor said it’s all trauma
It’s fear-based cheese really shouldn’t be a problem
I told the dude I ain’t hearing what he talking
You all getting paid to tell me the same nonsense

He said you think that’s what I’m tryna accomplish
I’m telling you the truth, so that you can see progress
I said nah, punched him in his eye socket
And told him he will never hold me down I’m too conscious

I see the truth, I’m not brainwashed
It’s no cheese till I flatline and take off
Try and play me I’ma tear you whole face off
And turn the whole city to bloodshed and chaos

Load the AK and the AR
Shooting everything that moves within my radar
I hate cheese why did y’all keep tryna play for?
Now the streets full of claymores I’ll start a dang war

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