Therapy is over! Savvy Turtle keeps bringing the cheese and I aint having it! I’m good with my cheeseless fridge full of pepperoni, and salami and all the chips and salsa I want!!! Don’t try to confuse it! No Cheese Gang!

Verse 1:

What you know about my life
Ain’t no cheese stay within my sight
No it’s not a game you gon pay the price
I been off my meds but I’ll be alright
Just right with my cheeseless fridge I’m good
Hope you all know and it’s understood
Give me some respect yea I think you should
Don’t bring no cheese up inside my hood
What’s good with my vegans they know what I mean
I still eat meat but at least we agree
That cheese ain’t the way yea it’s too obscene
Saw it in my girlfriends fridge it was green
Had to break up like yo what the f*ck
Wish I knew what you were really bout from the jump
I am not a chump so she got her ass dumped
Washed my mouth out quick after that I got drunk


I will never eat no cheese
That just ain’t for me so
If you wanna keep your teeth
I suggest you get away from me

This is not a game
You don’t know my pain so
If you wanna keep on playing
You gon see, my ass make a scene

Verse 2:

Some say I lost my mind
I don’t give a damn cause I feel just fine
The problem ain’t me I just live my life
But y’all keep telling me the same old lies

Cheese is a food like everything else
Tryna confuse me destroy my health
But I’m no fool I can see for myself
I’ll never put a crumb of that cheese in my mouth

No doubt I’m stick to my same old diet
For a couple million yo I still won’t try it
Wouldn’t take a piece even if I was dying
Meet me face to face if you think that I’m lying

Quiet your self I don’t care what you say
This is how I rock yea it’s no cheese gang
If it was a law I will still disobey
I’ll bite your hand off if you put in my face


This is not a game
I’m down with the no cheese gang
And ain’t a thang gon change
I don’t care if you think I’m strange

Doctor gave up hope
I punched him in his throat
For thinking it was all a joke
I don’t need your ass anyway

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