Savvy Turtle just don’t get it. We’re in group therapy and he’s tryna convert me to like cheese. But I’m Anti Cheese to I ain’t having it.


No Cheese man you must you crazy
I ain’t eating that shit if you paid me
Y’all be lying when you say it so tasty
Don’t you make take the gun off safety


I be anti cheese till I die hoe
No cheese I ain’t suicidal
If you bring it to my ass you gon fly home
I ain’t playing take a look into my eyes bro

Verse 1:

I don’t rock with any kind of cheese no
Try and bring that shit to me, I’ll leave you on the streets bro
I ain’t tryna have my breath smelling like some feet so
If you tryna some funny shit I promise they will be smoke

All that shit is lethal
Why you even eat that
Bring it to ya boy I promise you gon see a big strap
You gon get your wig snatched
Promise it’s a mismatch
Shot im his knee cause he was ordering some Swiss wraps real fast

Verse 2:

Hor d’oeuvres with the cheese man you got me confused
Sorry that you friends didn’t tell the bad news
Everybody at the party I’ma leave em black and blue
Stop looking at me crazy this ain’t bout my attitude

I think it’s rude that you played me
I told you no cheese bro I say it on the daily
Now you crying asking me why I’m angry
You bitch ass shoulda understood I said it plainly

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