Savvy Turtle still pushing the cheese thing on me everyday whether we’re in group therapy or in a restaurant. When we’re at a burger joint and I order a burger Savvy yells behind me “He wants cheese” and I have to correct that and say “Hold the cheese”.

Verse 1:

Look I came so far
You can hold the cheese yea I want no parts
Just came out my therapy was so scarred
Now I’m tryna get it I’ma go hard

Take the cheese up out my sight
I ain’t tryna fight
I just came out for blowing your fridge up with some dynamite
Yea I was kinda tight
Cause you did not take take my advice
You knew what I was like
But didn’t respect all of my plights

My heart got cold as ice
Don’t play victim now
Long as you don’t bring no cheddar or no swiss around
If you ever clown know some shit is going down
I’ll reload em rounds meet you at your home in town
You’ll be screaming holy cow
Yo he’s really mad
But I’m chilling right now bro I’m on a different path
Just don’t test my hand
I’m tryna be a better man
That mozzarella ain’t for me it ain’t gone get a chance


So hold you cheese yup uh uh
You can eat that shit it ain’t for me bruh uh uh
Burger on the bread is all I need uh uh
Ketchup, with a little bit of greens yup uh uh

Verse 2:

Yea that’s all I need uh
Don’t you test me
Better call the police now to come arrest me
Don’t be slick and try to put some in my eggs please
Actin like I don’t see shit you bout to rest in peace
Guess that is the remedy
To live a peaceful life
Y’all be the only reason I can’t sleep at night
Dreaming bout the cheese up on the pizza slice
Got me waking up holding my nina tight
I just want some peace of mind
Leave my ass alone
All you cheese eaters are lame yea I can’t stand you hoes
I can barely even trust or keep my family close
Cause they be on that cheese wave too so I said baminos
Yea I said it’s time to go
Now it’s only me
Tryna heal from all that trauma they just won’t believe
It messes with my head each time I go by groceries
Can’t stand the dairy section cause the cheese too close to me

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